Packing Tips

Plan what it is that you want to store.

Pick the right size unit- We can help you determine what size you will need to store your items.

Gather packing items- Paper, bubble wrap, tape, rope, drop clothes, sheets, furniture covers, pallets, file boxes or storage cartons. Use boxes and not plastic bags.  Boxes are sturdier and stack well, taking up less space.

Prioritize items- Place the items that you will want to access most frequently towards the door.

Pack the storage space carefully- Leave air space around the perimeter to aid in ventilation.  While your storage unit should already be clean and swept out, consider placing a pallet on the concrete floor or wooden boards and also be sure to leave a walkway to the rear of your storage unit for easy access.

Grouping- Stack the fragile items on the top and place the heavier boxes on the bottom.  Anything left unboxed in a storage facility can get dusty. Consider putting down varmint bait to protect your belongings.

Appliances- Clean appliances before storing. A refrigerator or freezer should be thoroughly dry and stored with its door slightly ajar.  Some items can be stored inside the large appliances.

Books- Pack books flat to avoid damaging their spine. 

Furniture-  Breakdown furniture into smaller pieces, if possible.  Take the legs off of tables and disassemble bed frames   Cover the furniture with sheets or tarps to protect them against scratches, dust and other damage.  Store large pieces of furniture vertically to save space.  Stand sofas on end when possible. Chairs can be stacked seat to seat. Dresser drawers are good for storing fragile items and clothing.

Mirrors- Mirrors and framed artwork should never be stored flat, as they can collapse under their own weight.

Tools- You can tie tools and long-handled items such as rakes, snow shovels and brooms in bundles. You can also put them inside garbage cans to keep them neat and for easy access.

Washers and Dryers- Drain hoses and tie down cords before storing these items.  Pillows, blankets and other bedding can be stored inside of the washer and dryer.